If you are experiencing gearbox problems then Sheffield Transmission can offer you an efficient and professional service at a competitive price. We stock and repair various models of industrial gearboxes, eg: worm gearboxes, bevel / helical gearboxes, shaft mounts and geared motors etc. Any obsolete gearboxes can be overhauled and rebuild to your specifications.

We stock and repair various models of fluid couplings, eg: Fluidrive, Vulcan Sinclair, Trans fluid, Croft/Renold etc. Sheffield Transmission also offers a wide range of new couplings and spares at a competitive price.

Gearbox Repair
Gearbox Supply


Sheffield Transmission offers a wide range of new and refurbished products at a competitive price.
The availability of over 15000 units on stock ranging from 1.25” centres to 28” centres gearboxes and various fluid couplings to offer immediate cover under breakdown conditions.

As Europe’s largest stockist, we are able to offer “like for like” or equivalent units without manufacturers lead times and at a fraction of the cost. All work undertaken is in accordance with our ISO9001 British Standard Accreditation. Spares and repair kits for gearboxes and fluid couplings are also available from stock.


We offer a free collection and quotation service on all gearboxes, fluid couplings and drive packages within the UK.